When Calls the Heart - Season 7 Episode 8

Elizabeth Thatcher, a young school teacher from a wealthy Eastern family, migrates from the big city to teach school in a small coal mining town in the west.

Genre: Drama

Actor: Mark Cummins

Country: USA

Episode: 8/87 eps

Duration: 43 min

Quality: HD

Release: 2014

IMDb: 8.3

Season 1 - When Calls the Heart
"As Elizabeth nervously faces her first day of teaching, Jack must figure out which doomed miner wrote a personal message on a plank found in the mine."
"When the coal company orders the town's widows to move and make way for new miners, Abigail devises a plan to keep the women in their homes."
"While Jack investigates the suspicious church fire, Elizabeth tries to figure out why little Rosaleen can't speak and is terrified of miner Wendell."
"Jack questions Cat about the fire after finding whale oil cans in her shed, while Elizabeth is baffled when a poor student gives her a costly gift."
"The arrival of new miners in Coal Valley creates excitement among the townswomen, but Jack regards Billy, Elizabeth's earnest suitor, with suspicion."
"As the town readies for the Miners' Games, Elizabeth and Billy's courtship heats up, and Jack investigates some thefts he suspects Billy is behind."
"Eager to start her life anew, Abigail concocts a bold but costly business proposition, while Elizabeth and Jack go to bat for a struggling student."
"Adam, the mine disaster's sole survivor, finally returns home but struggles to readjust. On short notice, Elizabeth puts on the Founders' Day play."
"Elizabeth's visiting sister causes a stir when she brings a wounded man to town, while Jack invites Elizabeth to a romantic dinner at Abigail's caf\u00e9."
"As Elizabeth yearns for the absent Jack, Abigail pumps Gowen for details about the mine disaster, and Julie grows close to fugitive outlaw Nathaniel."
"Jack and Elizabeth's reunion is threatened by the appearance of a woman from Jack's past. Abigail welcomes forensics investigator Bill Avery to town."
"Helped by Jack, Bill investigates the mine explosion, while Elizabeth must decide whether to accept a job offer back East or remain in Coal Valley."
Season 2 - When Calls the Heart
"Coal Valley's trial gets underway in the town with a new Judge presiding over it. Elizabeth gets unsettling news from Hamilton regarding her family, and must return. Abigail's case is presided over by an unlikely prosecutor. Elizabeth's family meets, Jack."
"Elizabeth and Jack remain worlds apart and Abigail finds out the devastating truth about Bill Avery."
"Abigail travels to Hamilton to stay with Elizabeth\u2019s family and is compelled to accept Bill\u2019s help on a personal matter. A heroic act by Jack brings him closer to his ex-fianc\u00e9e, Rosemary. Elizabeth returns to Hope Valley and she and Jack come together to consider what the future holds."
"When a visitor from home arrives in Hope Valley, Elizabeth begins to question the direction of her heart and feelings for Jack. As Abigail struggles with how to help her daughter-in-law, Bill delves deeper into an undercover investigation."
"Elizabeth and Jack receive upsetting news from their families in Hamilton that could tear them apart. Meanwhile, Abigail tries to find forgiveness in her heart for Bill as Lee enlists Rosemary\u2019s help to fight Gowen and keep Hope Valley from falling apart."
"Elizabeth and Jack try to put their differences aside to stop Julie and Tom before they make another mistake, while Gowen targets Abigail\u2019s Caf\u00e9 in his next underhanded scheme."
"Elizabeth and Jack face a life-threatening experience together and finally discover the truth about what has been keeping them apart. Later, all of Hope Valley witnesses a shocking arrest and an unexpected proposal."
Season 3 - When Calls the Heart
"No description"
"The townsfolk celebrate the New Year, which allows Jack and Elizabeth to make a fresh start. Meanwhile, Rosemary and Lee have a new adventure and Pastor Hogan runs into an unwelcome visitor from his past."
"Abigail discovers Gowen's sordid scheme. Frank struggles with a troubled past as Elizabeth surprises Jack with the revelation of her own property."
"The people of Hope Valley turn against Frank after his secret gets out. Abigail resolves to prove that past mistakes don't tell the whole story."
"After Frank and Abigail show everyone in Hope Valley the value of redemption, the town becomes overrun by a gang of dangerous outlaws."
"As a call for compassion reverberates throughout a struggling Hope Valley, Jack and Faith's friendship proves problematic for Elizabeth."
"Abigail welcomes Becky back into her home, but soon faces a difficult decision. Jack and Elizabeth approach a new horizon in their relationship."
"A stunning display of love becomes a source of encouragement for the whole of Hope Valley. Abigail must make a painful concession."
"Elizabeth struggles to get along with Jack's mother, a gritty and challenging frontierswoman, after she rides into town in the night."
"Jack, Elizabeth and Abigail lead the people of Hope Valley in an urgent mission to rescue trapped miners after a landslide."
Season 4 - When Calls the Heart
"No description"
"A new railroad route that could boost business is proposed. A baseball game helps the newer settlement students to make friends with the other pupils."
"Elizabeth must coax the truth from Robert after he tells a lie about seeing a bear and becomes the town hero."
"To raise money for new school supplies, Elizabeth and the kids throw a carnival; the carnival sheds new light and possibly even hope, on Phillip's relationship with his distant father."
"Elizabeth struggles with growing pains at the school. An old friend comes to visit Jack. Abigail's tenure as mayor is threatened. Rosemary plays matchmaker."
"Elizabeth fights to clear her name and get her job back. Jack gets some troubling news. Wyatt and the railroad continue to make problems for Hope Valley. The children have to deal with a stern new schoolteacher."
"A surprising ally helps Elizabeth in her fight to get her job back. Jack does some soul-searching that may affect his relationship with Elizabeth."
"Bill locates the missing witness from Gowen's case. Ray Wyatt's young nephews start school -- and trouble. A new commissary threatens Abigail's Cafe."
"Bill encounters complications while trying to bring A.J. Foster back to testify. After her husband buys a car, Rosemary insists on learning to drive."
"A stranger's visit sheds light on Carson's mysterious past. Elizabeth gets a taste of parenthood after volunteering to baby-sit Opal for a few days."
"When Carson disagrees with a doctor's opinion of Cody's sudden illness, Abigail must decide whom she trusts more and which course of action to take."
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Season 5 - When Calls the Heart
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"Elizabeth\u2019s sister, Julie, visits Hope Valley in her quest to become a teacher. Lee is made acting Sheriff when Abigail and Bill leave town to testify in Gowen\u2019s trial. Carson has problems with a traveling tonic salesman."
"Elizabeth mentors Julie, who finds teaching more difficult than she imagined. Abigail has to find a way to convince the railroad to build its depot in Hope Valley."
"Jack returns and he and Elizabeth start planning their future. Sparks fly between Carson and a new arrival. Elizabeth teaches her students the difference between facts and speculation, and the town is put on edge when Lee can\u2019t withdraw funds to pay his employees."
"Abigail has to figure out how to keep the town\u2019s bank afloat. Elizabeth struggles to understand what troubles one of her young students. Rosemary goes overboard planning Jack and Elizabeth\u2019s wedding."
"Jack and Elizabeth\u2019s plan to get married is put in jeopardy and Bill has difficulties transporting a prisoner."
"Jack and Elizabeth\u2019s relationship is put to the test. Pastor Frank and Abigail make a decision about their future. Bill helps a girl solve a mystery."
"Elizabeth assigns her students to follow business leaders in Hope Valley. Abigail and the town host two possible investors for the failing bank. Bill\u2019s life is disrupted when AJ Foster arrives and turns herself in."
"Bill is put in serious jeopardy while transporting AJ to face trial. Abigail tries to save the town from an investor who will hurt Hope Valley. Carson is faced with a life and death medical decision. Elizabeth tries to reunite a mother and her son."
"The widow of Lee's former silent partner arrives and gives Gowen a chance to run a company again. Elizabeth tutors an unexpected new student, and the residents of Hope Valley conspire to pull off a surprise."
"The When Calls the Heart season five finale."
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Season 6 - When Calls the Heart
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"Elizabeth balances new motherhood with teaching, Bill & Gowen battle to buy the saloon, Rosemary plays matchmaker for a potential romance, and Abigail brings technology to town."
"After a foolish comment, Carson must admit that he cares more about Faith. The charming new saloon owner, Lucas Bouchard, causes a stir. Elizabeth teaches self-confidence, and Abigail takes a risk on the stock market with Gowen."
"After a judge is intimidated into releasing two gunrunners, Bill recruits an old friend to help him track the criminals down. Abigail and Lucas clash over the saloon's late hours. Carson and Faith must decide whether to pursue their feelings."
"A new Mountie arrives earlier than expected. Bill and Nathan jump right to work when Lee's payroll is stolen. At the school, friends turn against each when a mock debate goes awry; Carson and Faith try to keep their romance a secret."
"Elizabeth confronts Nathan about his parenting style. Bill is offered a judgeship, but is unsure if he wants to take it. Rosemary hosts a girls-only night. Faith and Carson's romance blooms. Jesse finds surface oil, but can't afford to drill."
"Gowen strikes oil, which splits Hope Valley into the haves and have-nots. Abigail must settle a dispute among the landowners. Elizabeth must quell Cody's jealousy when Robert's family comes into money. Nathan urges Bill to re-examine judgeship offer."
"Trying to stay on Elizabeth's good side, Lucas sets up a library for the town. Abigail is reunited with an old flame. Allie tricks Harper, Robert and Opal into believing the town has a haunted house. Bill conducts his first trial as a judge."
"Lucas' past comes back to haunt him and others in Hope Valley; Lee and Gowen compete for workers; an old friend arrives with a new orphan."
"At the Founders' Day Festival, Elizabeth makes a move that might affect her future; an orphan struggles to accept his new life; Bill finds startling information about Gowen."
Season 7 - When Calls the Heart
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01 Feb 2020
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29 Mar 2020
05 Apr 2020
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19 Apr 2020
"Elizabeth and Nathan try to resolve their differences. Rosemary learns a secret about Lee."
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Season 8 - When Calls the Heart
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28 Feb 2021
"The sudden arrival of Lucas' mother makes Elizabeth more than a little nervous; Lee injures his back; a newcomer's arrival causes Rosemary to reflect on what she wants in life."
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28 Mar 2021
"Elizabeth wonders if she is truly ready to let love in again. Rosemary wonders what her purpose is. Clara and Jesse sort through their issues. Carson receives an amazing opportunity. A stranger named Christopher comes in town."
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